The design of our bags is a creative process that starts in Montreal. All models are designed by local designers. Then, the technical drawings are sent to our factory in Guangzhou, which has been working in women's accessories for 18 years. They have a unique know-how to design quality products. We were fortunate to meet a great team, including Vivian and Cliff, who understand the importance of quality and attention to detail in the production of our bags and accessories.

THE FACTORY Our ethical approach. Moreover, we chose this factory because it corresponds to our code of ethics. The factory is modern and the working conditions are excellent. The facilities are safe and organized. The employees work in air-conditioned conditions, they have a trendy little coffee shop at their disposal and they are entitled to a 1-hour lunch break. In addition to an annual tour of the factory, we also required a third party inspection report. They passed the report with flying colours!

OUR QUALITY Vegan Leather Our vegan backpacks look very similar to leather. We work with PU (polyurethane) vegan leather, a strong and resistant material that is less harmful to the environment than PVC. Our products are very easy to maintain. To clean them, simply use a soft, damp cloth and the trick is in the bag! Our vegan bags are multifunctional, durable and easy to care for. The practical side adds appeal to a fashionable backpack with its simplicity and timeless look. Our bags serve to make your movements lighter in an ingenious way, not to add extra weight on your shoulders. The design of all our vegan bags by Lambert has been thought out with respect for animal ethics. We are very proud to be PETA certified.
"By purchasing our products, you are encouraging committed and humane procurement. »
- Melissa Lambert