Care and maintenance

Care and maintenance of bags and accessories

To maintain the condition of your products, we recommend following the following care instructions:

  • Avoid scratching or rubbing your product against abrasive surfaces.
  • When not in use, you can store the bag in its reusable fabric pouch.
  • To clean the material, we advise using a soft cloth slightly dampened with soapy water. Please avoid contact with chemicals, abrasives, and dye.
  • Note that a product dyed with a strong dye may bleed onto a light-colored bag (e.g., jeans).
  • Also note that polyurethane may have a distinct odor. Simply allow your bag to air out for a few hours, and any odor will dissipate.
  • If your bag has irregularities or indentations upon receipt, we recommend filling it to full capacity and waiting 72 hours. Transport can sometimes alter the appearance of the bag, but the material is malleable and will return to its original shape without issue.
  • Vegan leather is made from polyurethane. It is highly resistant to weather (cold, heat) and requires minimal maintenance. The bag is already waterproof, so there is no need for further treatment.

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Luggage care and maintenance

Discover our practical tips for taking care of your suitcase and keeping it in perfect condition during your travels!


  • Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the suitcase.
  • For stubborn stains, use a slightly damp cloth with warm water and a mild detergent or a magic eraser. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the polycarbonate.

Proper Storage

  • When the suitcase is not in use, store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid allowing heavy or sharp objects to press against the suitcase during storage.

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