President and Founder

Melissa has reinvented backpack fashion by being convinced that it is possible to combine comfort with elegance.

Notre équipe


  • Laurence

    Marketing Director
  • Balita

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Jeanne

    Content Creation Coordinator

  • Danyka

    Public Relations Coordinator

  • Florence

    Graphic Designer

  • Vanessa

    Marketing Intern


  • Alexandra

    Sales Director
  • Karine

    Interim Sales Director

  • Katherine

    Représentante des Ventes QC

  • Geneviève

    Sales Representative, ROC & USA
  • Christina

    Sales Representative, QC & Maritimes
  • Pénélope

    Coordonnatrice des Ventes

Product Development

  • Mylène

    Product Development Director

  • Séverine


  • Sonia

    Senior Product Development Management

Finance and Human Resources

  • Florence

    Financial Controller

  • Sarah

    Accounting Technician

  • Laurie

    HR Manager

Logistics and Customer Service

  • Emmanuel

    Logistics Director

  • Miriam

    Logistics Coordinator
  • Cédric

    Store Manager
  • Eliza

    Customer Service Advisor

  • Lori-Ann

    Customer Service Advisor

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