Zoom The GEMMA - Metal Chain (removable strap)

The GEMMA - Metal Chain (removable strap)

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GEMMA is the chic, fashionable and trendy strap that goes perfectly with your handbag. This small metal chain is designed to be worn on the shoulder, in the hand or as an accessory on your purse for a trendy look. Removable, it can be installed and removed with a snap of your fingers. You will quickly go from a chic look to a more relaxed style.

The GEMMA is worn in 2 ways:

  1. As a strap on the handbag: wear it with the Emma, the Gabrielle, or the Olivia

  2. As an accessory on the handbag

What makes the GEMMA unique:

  1. Its chic look

  2. Its metallic appearance

  3. Its versatility: compatible with Lambert handbags

  4. Its ease of use

The GEMMA is perfect for:

  1. Fashionistas

  2. Feminine women

  3. Elegant women

  4. Women who like to stand out

50 cm (lenght) x 1cm (width)

100% iron


50 cm (lenght) x 1cm (width)


100% iron

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