Zoom The ELIE - Tan Vegan Leather Multifunctional Bag for Women

The ELIE - Tan Vegan Leather Multifunctional Bag for Women

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Designed in collaboration with influencer Elie Duquet, the ELIE handbag catches the eye with its allure reminiscent of a trapeze. Designed in high-quality vegan leather, the bag offers superior comfort and is easy to maintain. Like all Design Lambert products (a Montreal company), the ELIE 3-in-1 handbag and backpack has many pockets and is weather resistant. Both chic and practical, this product is a true ethical and cruelty-free multifunctional fashion accessory. Its unique aesthetic will make you shine from all angles!

The ELIE can be worn in 4 ways:

  1. As a handbag (without straps)

  2. As a shoulder bag (with the included thin strap)

  3. As a backpack (with the two included straps)

  4. On the shoulder (with the included adjustable wide strap)

What makes the ELIE unique:

  1. Its sophisticated shape

  2. Its multifunctionality

  3. Its storage capacity

  4. Its integrated compartments

The ELIE is perfect for:

  1. Fashionistas

  2. Ultra feminine women

  3. Sophisticated women

Why the name “ELIE”?

This model was designed in collaboration with Éliane Duquet, hence the name of the bag in her honour. Elie was involved in all stages of the process to create a Lambert bag in her image.

The accessories used in the demonstration video are for example only (not included).

Details on the ELIE bag:

  • Main compartment to store a wallet and personal belongings
  • Key holder
  • Back secret pocket to store a cellphone
  • 2 detachable and adjustable straps to wear it as a backpack
  • 1 large detachable and adjustable nylon strap to wear on the shoulder
  • Color blossom

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