Lambert's mission is to make people's lives easier every day

  • About

    Lambert was founded in 2017 when Mélissa Lambert, expecting her second child, embarked on the search for a versatile, elegant, and practical maternity bag, without success. It was in this personal quest that the idea of creating Lambert took shape. Today, Lambert is a team of over 30 employees, an online sales force, more than 280 points of sale across Canada, a flagship store in the heart of Plateau-Mont-Royal, its own distribution center, and much more!
  • It's in the bag

    We believe in the fusion of aesthetics and everyday practicality, which is why we create products that seamlessly adapt to all situations. Whether it's for a day at the office or an evening out with friends at a restaurant, our bags are designed to accompany you throughout your day, effortlessly adjusting to your needs. Our wide selection of products includes a variety of bags, suitcases, and accessories crafted from vegan leather and recycled materials. Equipped with multiple compartments, they offer optimal organization to easily and quickly retrieve your personal belongings. Each Lambert backpack is also adorned with a unique silver logo. This logo represents all the letters of Lambert arranged in a diamond shape, symbolizing life and transmission.
  • Our values


    At Lambert, innovation is at the core of our DNA. We value creativity and encourage our employees to push the boundaries of what's possible. Whether it's in the design of new products, process improvement, or the exploration of new ideas, we believe that innovation is the key to staying at the forefront of our industry. We prioritize responsible innovation while respecting animal ethics. Lambert is committed to continuing to innovate!

    Team Spirit
    Team spirit is a fundamental pillar of our company culture. We foster collaboration, idea sharing, and mutual support among our members. Every success is the result of teamwork, and we celebrate accomplishments together, fostering a positive dynamic where everyone can thrive.

    Autonomy and initiative

    We value autonomy and initiative at Lambert. We encourage every member of our team to be proactive, take bold initiatives, and contribute meaningfully to our common mission. Autonomy doesn't just mean freedom; it also entails individual responsibility. We believe in responsible autonomy that leads to innovative solutions and continuous growth.


    Pleasure is an essential element of Lambert's culture. We believe that working in a joyful environment stimulates creativity, strengthens team bonds, and creates an atmosphere conducive to innovation. We view enjoyment at work as a catalyst for innovation, thereby encouraging a positive dynamic where each employee can flourish, contribute fully, and participate in the creation of innovative ideas.

By choosing our products, you encourage a committed and cruelty-free consumption.

Choices that feel good

  • Local conception

    The design of our products is carried out within our team based in Montreal, where each product is carefully conceived and sketched. We pay special attention to your suggestions and feedback throughout the year, thus contributing to the creation of unique designs that illustrate our dedication to local design and customer satisfaction.
  • Vegan materials

    Our bags and accessories are crafted with vegan leather, a sturdy, resilient, aesthetically pleasing material that aligns with a responsible consumption perspective. We primarily work with PU (polyurethane), an alternative to leather that is less harmful to the environment than PVC. Continuously seeking innovation, we incorporate sustainable materials such as recycled nylon into the production of certain products. Additionally, we utilize polycarbonate, a durable and lightweight material, for the design of our suitcases. At Lambert, the design of our items is guided by respect for animal ethics, a value we've solidified with our PETA certification, of which we are proud.
  • Ethical Manufacturing

    We have chosen to partner with manufacturers based in Guangzhou, specializing in accessories, and in alignment with our ethical code. This modern factory provides good working conditions, characterized by secure and well-organized facilities. We ensure that the working environment for employees meets our ethical standards, thereby ensuring a safe and conducive workspace for personal growth.